Chris Christodoulou promotes Uppercut 1 fight night on April 1, 2011 in Nicosia, Cyprus.

In the main event European champion Christos Nikolaou is fighting Bulgarian champion Yordan Korev for the WKN muaythai super light heavyweight World title.

Christodoulou spoke to FIGHTMAG about his experience in sport as an athlete and promoter. He also shared more information about his upcoming event as well as plans for the future.

What was the start for you in martial arts?
I started when I was 12 with karate then judo, finally I stayed in boxing until 1995. Then I got involved with kickboxing since 2003. I have my own federation in Cyprus and since 2005 we work with WKN and Stephane Cabrera. I involve with WKN as it is very professional federation where everything is in order. Also Cabrera is very serious in his job and he knows the fighting sport very well.

Tell us about your experience in fight business.
I started promoting in 2001, my motivation was to help young kids to involve with martial arts. I have been promoting small and big shows… 46 with the up-coming one.

What was the biggest event have you promoted by now?
Tomorrow’s fight night [April 1] will be big with 15 fights in boxing, mma, thai and kickboxing and also the show in December 2010 in Coral Beach when we promoted the Bigger’s Better 3 Live on Eurosport.

Tell us about your new promotion group.
Well Uppercut is a group of new people who love the fighting sport and we aim to give the best show to people to watch. Our aim to bring the live shows to their houses on the screen. On the 3d of June we plan to promote the biggest ever martial arts show in Cyprus. It will be the Uppercut II – WKN Loyalty and Respect.

And what would be the most wanted fight for you to organize?
That would be Ernesto Hoost vs Remy Bonjasky… the last fight.

Thank you Chris and all the best for the show.
Thank you, now I need to hurry to the airport to pick up Stephane [Cabrera], he doesn’t like to wait.


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