May 27, 2011 – Melbourne, Australia – legendary John Wayne Parr talks about his upcoming fight with Zambidis and his plans for the future.

Hi Wayne, how is it going 7 weeks before the fight with Zambidis?
John Wayne Parr: My last fight was Dec 18 in China under Sanda rules. Since then been looking after my gym and helping my fighters prepare, there are fight shows in Queensland every weekend at which we are always in plus the interstate/international fights to go to as well so very busy. Now I am getting the body ready and building as it gets closer.

Tell us about two previous fights with him?
John Wayne Parr: First one was a final the the K-1 max Oceania final 8. We both had 2 fights and the final was for $10,000 and entry to K-1 Japan. I walked forward looking to kick and grapple, back then you could throw as many knees as long as you were busy. Before the end of the third I put my hands up in the air to show everyone I had it and Zambidis came straight in again. When they called the winner I was shocked as I fully thought I won. After the fight the forums split 50-50 as to who won and it sucked cause I was the one to lose.
2nd fight was amazing, Joe Nader sold out a 5000 seat venue in Melbourne with 80% of the crowd cheering for me, even people from Greece said they seen me on Contender and were cheering for me. Ended up being a great fight for me, thought I won every round and didn’t get hurt. It was a massive load off my shoulders after 7 years of having to live with that loss but now it’s all gone.

Zambidis just recently had two fights; watching the videos can you tell he has changed, upgraded his fighting style?
John Wayne Parr: Zambidis is lots more aggressive which is good as it makes for a more exciting fight.

Do you have in plans to train in Thailand, same as you did before the fight with Yod, or you will be training and getting ready here in Australia?
John Wayne Parr: The Yod fight was so important because I know how strong Yod is. Zambidis is a different fight so working at my gym I have lots of boxing sparring partners. It’s too hard to travel to Thailand for a month to train while my wife has 2 kids, a gym and all the bills to take care of. If it’s a really hard opponent I will bring Thai’s to come and stay with me.

You announced this year will be the last fighting season for you. How many fights are you still going to take?
John Wayne Parr: 27 May Melbourne, 19th June California, July 31 Canberra “The Cheeta”, Sep Evo Brisbane, Oct maybe Melbourne, Dec Evo. Very busy.

Among all of your fights, who would you name as the hardest opponent?
John Wayne Parr: Zambidis, he is the one that I can get most famous if I beat him.

What is the most memorized from your fight career and experience fighting in Australia and overseas?
John Wayne Parr: Beating Orono in a rematch at the Kings birthday on points, I won his world title in front of 150,000 people in a park and live on Thai tv. The best part was I fought Orono who is a southpaw, I ended up fighting southpaw as well for 5 rounds. Sangtien my trainer said I got cut first fight because I was open, if you change southpaw you can block it with your lead hand. I almost missed out on the belt, Masato was suppose to fight Orono but last minute changed, so wasn’t till the weigh in that I found out I had change of opponent to Orono.

Your wife Angie and yourself are both fighters; do you plan to grow the true champions from your two little angels as well?
John Wayne Parr: Yes I love when my kids train, my little girl is 8 and wants to fight, Angie is teaching her and sometimes does my classes. My son is almost three with heavy hands and aggressive, I think he will be a champ,he will be amazing at any sport, too much energy.

They say you have started a book about your fight career and everything or this is just a rumor?
John Wayne Parr: No, I have a documentary about my life in Thailand, we talked to Songchai, Seanchai, Lamsongkarn, Yodsanklai, Toy from Sidyodtong and my old manager Por who only has one leg. I also get to go into Lumpinee empty and check it out, so amazing. Can’t wait till it’s done, few more months of edit yet. Here is a site the the boys will keep updating, soon as it gets closer they will put up the trailer and it’s pretty good.

Obviously you just won’t be able to quit muaythai once you stop fighting. Please tell us about the future plan?
John Wayne Parr: I will keep teaching at my gym, seminars, promotions and hopefully some acting after the doco comes out. Or brain surgeon?

That’s great mate, pleasure to talk to you again . All the best and we all wait for a great fight on May 27 and more to come.
John Wayne Par: Thank you, was a fun interview.