What doors can be opened when the fight career comes to the end…

Big sport gives fame. It starts in a local place where the home crowd knows the athlete well and gives a high respect for his achievements in sport. It also gives an international recognition while competing on the big stage in different countries; and as further from home is sometimes even better, I suppose. This makes the fighter advertise and expose the name of his birth place everywhere and the nation is proud and appreciates his deeds .

It is evident, a high ranked professional fighter is completely in sport from head to toe. Daily trainings, press conferences, meeting with sponsors, competitions… well it’s his job and the income way.

Competing on the top level brings a lot of attention, fans and supporters. So this is a chance to use your name in something else when the fight career is ended.

One of the most famous athletes who managed to use his fame gained in sport and expanded his public career will probably be Arnold Schwarzenegger. Austrian-American former professional bodybuilder, actor, model, businessman and politician who served as the 38th Governor of California (2003–2011). From the World of kickboxing on political stage can be noticed Cezar Podraza who is a former 7 time champion of the World. Last year he won Dabrowa Gornicza regional elections in Poland.

Back on the wide screen first of all I suppose should be noticed legendary Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and Don Dragon Wilson who was 11 time World kickboxing champion. Top name from France Jerome Le Banner played in Babylon A.D., Fatal and together with Farid Khider in Asterix and Obelix. Khider runs his own blog since years and the most famous he became after that reality show Farm of Celebrities broadcast in Africa. Mike Tyson starred in Hangover movie, John Wayne Parr took part in “The Violent” movie.

Some fighters write their autobiographies, books of fight knowledge, experience and adaptation to different sort of activities once they have ended fighting in the ring. Though they never quit sport at all, they still run the gyms and build new generation of champions.

Well obviously most of the above is about how they can keep being on the flow earning for living, as all they had been doing was just a fighting in the ring, right? It is sad to know about so many great fighters and true champions who have done heaps in development and popularity of sport… and who now unfortunately left with not such a great financial reward that they could use to support their families and themselves.

I personally know few former World champions back in Europe who were unlucky to met those sort of managers on their way and by the end of fight career… final doesn’t require that much effort to guess…