Do you always feel like you are getting exact what you deserve and worked for?

Sport is like any business based on the plan. For promoters it starts from hiring the venue, insurance, license, airfares, accommodation, different sort of frees… fighters purse. Well it’s a long list of expenses. And as far as I see promoters basically depend on how much they sell – tickets, corporate tables.

There is always some help from the side of sponsors and support groups though if the show is planned to be big with top ranked fighters and media, sometimes even that support is not enough and a lot is being put up front. It is sad to hear when promoter after that massive amount of work he’s done, doesn’t get what he deserves. And it’s not a question of greed or something, it’s simply like in any business ups and downs I suppose.

Financial factor is probably the most touchy and it splits people quite often when it’s a team working from the start and then this human factor takes its own. I mean when one person of this team does less or thinks that another one does nothing or not enough which causes conflicts. Unfortunately there is a big list of examples of what I am talking about.

There are promoters who do small shows simply to make money mostly for themselves. Well fair enough it’s their business. Though their shows are pretty much invisible and doesn’t really bring anything for the fighters – they ones who do the shows.

Fighter purse its another question and very sensitive also.

Heaps of talented athletes. Without naming any numbers I can just say that some of these fighters get a fortune and some practically nothing. It’s another question of management I think. The great thing is when the name of the fighter becomes something like a brand and being sold quite well. I remember fighting in Perth in 2009 for two hundred dollars, was good fun though, especially those conditions of the fight, opponent and all.

Fighting on TV is an exposure, that’s how the name is being built, right? With proper management it works and the good proposals from sponsors and line ups will come. Fight night’s TV broadcast is also an effort coming from promoter which is quite expensive as well and there is not always an opportunity to compete on these shows.

Internet as another media source which is very important. Printed magazines will probably be outclassed soon. All news, videos data in general… everything is online these days. What also becomes popular now is an internet TV. We are working now on this aspect to get it installed on FIGHTMAG too.

As a conclusion just couple of lines back on the topic will be the next: being rewarded it’s not always about money. It feels great when people simply say thank you and do really appreciate what you do, regardless… Though the biggest mistake will be expecting something from people as some of them simply do not understand how the things are done having different or double standards or simply don’t care.

“So be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it. And if you get it then you just might not know what to do with it, ’cause it might just come back on you ten-fold,” Eminem.