Private 1-on-1 Muay Thai Kickboxing Sessions or Private classes is quite popular these days. It definitely helps to learn and develop your skills faster and more comprehensive.

The obvious benefit is a personal trainer where he is fully concentrated on one person only. So you get the whole amount of attention.

Personal training is based on your individual goals. It can be intensive or gentle depending on what you are trying to achieve.

The standard private session is one hour with ten minutes warm-up which also includes foot-work to gain coordination and stretching for body flexibility. It is followed by pad work to learn proper muay thai kickboxing techniques and/or bag work for power and stamina. The standard classes usually end with circuit training as push-ups, sit-ups, etc.

Kickboxing private classes can be also good if you train with a friend. I mean it’s a combat sport right, so having a partner to work with will be good too. It’s like a mini group of two students and a trainer. It’s easier this way to work on some specific exercises like low-kick checking or middle-kick catch and stuff like that. It’s a good fun also to ‘push’ each other and cheer when one of you is more tired than another for example.

Muay Thai can be good for females also as a self defense course. I mean this thai-bo and kick boxing for fitness is very popular since long, it’s some sort of aerobics with imitation of kicking and punching, I also believe it is very good for coordination and cardio first of all. Though I am talking about the actual self defense class that works, as muay thai itself as a martial art has quite a few skills which are pretty much deadly. Most of all those elbows that can leave a massive cut or knock another person out. Where there is no need for yourself to be a heavyweight or have an incredible power. It is a simple skill to be used. There are girls who actually fight in the ring too, but this is another topic I suppose.

In combat sport to become a personal trainer and ‘wanna-be’ a personal trainer or even simply run the group class are all different things as well. Apart of all those diets and everything I’ve wrote before I believe the actual knowledge, if it can be called like that, you receive when you have been trained and fight as a final step. I mean it is easy to see and learn how to teach others if you are being professionally taught and then you experience and use all these lessons and education in the actual fight in the ring as a practical lessons.

I’ve been involved in running group classes and training back in Belarus since long and also prepared Alexei Talantov before his victorious fight with Patrick Carta at WKN international event; and Vitaly Gurkov when we were here in Australia and he was lined up for for the national competitions and then World champs in Thailand and finally he returned to OZ and fought in Melbourne at Brute Force taking all that 8 man tournament and Greg Foley in the final bout.

“The education of a man is never complete until he dies.” Robert E. Lee


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