So many different fight shows and events around the World and few of them just made me think “why they are actually called like that, what is that special in these shows?”

I am not going to give any critics to anybody as I am not use to criticize someone’s job. Though I got a will to post just a few lines with the names to remind.

Starting from back home (I am such a patriot) in Belarus where Evgeny Kotelnikov runs his international sport project Kings of Muay Thai since years. The matchmaking he does is always the top vs the top. That’s where the BIG-8 WGP come from as well. Eight best muay thai middleweights from all parts of the World and only one winner. Not much can be added as it’s pretty clear, I suppose. November 26 this year we will see it in action again. By the way, somebody should represent Australia too. In 2009 there was Kurt Finlayson and in 2010 Taylor Harvey.

Now in Australia, I am probably the luckiest person to work with Darren Curovic who runs DOMINATION shows together with Blair Smith. This is massive. In 2010 John Wayne Parr fought Dmitry Valent and that show was called as the biggest fight night ever promoted in Australia where apart of the World title there were, I think, six or seven more title bouts on the card. The following fight night with Nathan Corbett and Pavel Zhuravlev in the main event… This fight video can explain much more than words anyway.

Also, this Bigger’s Better Boxing¬†eight man contest where the weight division of the fighters is from 82.00 kilograms to no limit. So yeah bigger is better for sure. Imagine fighting somebody +130 when you are just 82.

The name of Cyprus show Loyalty and Respect which is on tomorrow (June 10), run by Chris Christodoulou contains that passion that most of us have to this sport and spirit we have inside the federation we work in – WKN.

And this WKN… World Kickboxing Network. So MANY other combat sport federations created and exist (what for?) these days with the word ‘World’ at the start of abbreviation. And ONLY ONE is really active everywhere around the Planet and can be called a World.

Funny, as it probably sounds like an advertisement of my friends or something, though I just tried to put few things together… Cause look WKN Big-8, WKN Domination, WKN Loyalty and Respect, Bigger’s Better obviously has quite a big involvement of WKN in it too…

I believe if you work with the best – you are the best, as you do part of that job, right? Means you do your best. First of all you put on good event with quality fights where matchmaking is even, management and all other arrangements are properly done. So the name DOES really contain exactly what it says, not being just a marketing tool to attract people having pretty much nothing behind this name.

For the fighters it’s like if you want to fight on a good show and be number one – you will try to fight on Big-8 being chosen as the best athlete of your part of the World, for example.

Though when the name of the show gets widely recognized due to its’ quality and top performance – it works as a real brand. Similar to any product I think, like if you buy a computer Dell for example, you know it will work well (I got Dell).

Unfortunately some names (brands) face real fiasco time to time, like K-1 these days which is not a secret to anybody, though it’s another story.

“Tell me your name and I will tell you its meaning.”