K-1 Founder Kazuyoshi Ishii plans to start a New K-1 concept.

It was recently announced about potential K-1 buyers or investors from China, though Ishii has stated he is not going to give up on K-1, and many who are close to him believe that he would never let go of the K-1 brand that he started and made a worldwide brand.

The New K-1 is planned to be developed as a kickboxing World cup championship that will be promoted once in two years. They says it will be mostly sport tournament than entertaining show. They also plan to invent as many people as possible, creating new names and champions.

Basically what’s going on with the K-1 these days is a complete fiasco if the fighter of the rank of Jerome Le Banner say this: I’m not a K-1 fighter.” No more K-1! “They didn’t pay what is due to me! I am very grateful to master Kazuyoshi Ishii, but after there is a species of clown who appeared… You surely understood that I was talking about M.Tanikawa.

It is pretty much always and all about money. Unfortunately as poor sport though. K-1 was created as a kickboxing competition with the thai knee allowed. An awesome concept of eight best of the best fighters competing in one night tournament. The rest and what have been happening, I believe, you know quite well.

Creating a New K-1 to run the shows once in two years seems to be a good idea, though to build new champions and promote their names, I don’t reckon it will be enough. Though to have this New K-1 as another kickboxing series of tournaments will be quite good for beginners and coming up fighters to get more fights and experience.


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