The calm before the storm – Bigger’s Better Boxing episode 8 airs live on Eurosport on Friday, November 4, 2011 from Lisbon, Portugal.

The tournament will decide the last finalist of the Bigger’s Better King that is held in Varazdin, Croatia on December 16.

Portugal held BB 6 on June 17 at Sl Benfica. Konstantin Airich from Germany earned the qualification to the finale.

The confirmed competitors for the tournament on November 4 are Mark Adrian of Romania, Ed Monso of Denmark, Lukasz Zygmunt of Poland and local Abigane Fernandez.

WKN kickboxing recently revealed that the four-time world champion Argentine Jorge Acero Cali possibly takes part at the event. Also, Pavel Zhuravlev of Ukraine may be given the second chance to qualify for the super finale.

The next event is Bigger’s Better 7 Vilnius, Lithuania. The show airs live on Eurosport on Friday, September 23 from Siemens Arena.

To date the list of finalists looks as the following

BB1 winner: Mairis Briedis (Latvia)
BB2 winner: Alexei Mazikin (Ukraine)
BB3 winner: Milen Paunov (Bulgaria)
BB4 winner: Ivica Bacurin (Croatia)
BB5 winner: Niko Falin (Germany)
BB6 winner: Konstantin Airich (Germany)
BB7 winner: September 23, 2011 – Vilnius, Lithuania
BB8 winner: November 4, 2011 – Lisbon, Portugal