Australian Muay Thai fighter, Taylor Harvey from Noosa, QLD talks his career

When did you start muay thai and what brought you to the gym?
Taylor Harvey: When I first started thai boxing I was about 15 years old. I was hanging out with a mate who was a year or 2 older an had a car an license. A few of the boys I hung around with were doing it including Eli. Anyway my mate was to drop me home before he went to training an we ran out of time as the gym was 45 minutes from were I lived. So I ended up at the gym with no ride home till he finished training. Paul asked me if I was gonna join in. So I did.

I trained everyday after school and 6 months later when I was 16 I had my first fight. It was a padded fight, no elbows. I think it was 3 x 1.5 min round . I got my ass whooped suffered to broken ribs and got stopped in the first round.

About a year later I tried again an dished out an ass whooping it. Felt awesome! Then my next fight was a 5 round tittle fight. I won. so I just kept going and now I’m fighting on the biggest shows in the World against the best in the World.

Tell us about your training process and your gym?
Taylor Harvey: My gym is located in the hinterland, Black Mountain. Some might say in the middle of no where, but its only a half hour away from the Coast and beaches. It’s huge.¬†We are very lucky, I couldn’t ask for any other mentors, Paul is like a father to me and Tyson is like a brother.

For the pro’s it’s training 2 times a day running, bag work, pads, grappling. Two weight sessions a week with Paul and two hard sparring session – normally 12 rounds each session – 300 sit ups and push ups… if I got anymore energy.

I have an 18 months old son, so I spend the weekend with him. Though I train once on Friday and Saturday an have Sunday off.

What are you favorite techniques?
Taylor Harvey: I feel that my hand combination works best, as well as I like to elbow as much as possible. I don’t mind getting cut so I guess that helps. And chicks dig scars.

In which countries have you fought and against who? What was your the most exciting travel?
I have fought in Hong Kong 4 times, Thailand, French Reunion Island, Belarus… I think that’s it maybe. Obviously Thailand has been my favorite yet. That place is crazy!

What would be the most memorized fight for you and why?
Taylor Harvey: I’d say my fight with Andrei Kulebin in Belarus because he’s such a legend in the sport worldwide and that stadium is amazing.

Who was the hardest, most technical opponent you have faced?
Taylor Harvey: Again Kulebin, as he knew what I was gonna do before I did. It was pretty close, but as it was a 8 man. I think he was saving himself a little bit for the finals. I was unlucky to draw him in the first fight.

I did fight Jorm Promthept from Thailand this year, I’d say that was my hardest fight, as he was the same as against Kulebin, cause he also knew what I was doing before I did. But I guess that comes with the 430 fights he has had.

Anybody in particular you would like to fight?
Taylor Harvey: I just wanna fight the best in the World and keep testing myself. I’ll fight anyone, anywhere & any time. I think everyone knows that and knows that that’s what Mad X Gym is all about. Ask Beniah Doumar.

Tell us about your up-coming fight against Seanchai?
Taylor Harvey: I’m fighting with Seanchai Noi in 8 weeks for the WKBF World tittle. It’s definitely gonna be a test, but I’m training hard an will make sure I get the out come. All goes good – Then I am training for the Big-8 muaythai WKN World GP 2011 in Belarus 3 weeks after and then I fight in Thailand on February 5th. So busy busy.

What is your final goal in this sport?
Taylor Harvey: I’ll just keep going till I can’t go anymore. Hopefully my son will follow muay thai, if not it’s cool. But I will retire as a multiple World champion and will be remembered as 1 off the best fighters Queensland muay thai has ever produced.

What do you do apart of muaythai fighting?
Taylor Harvey: Apart from Muay Thai I work part time and I am also a single dad 3 days a week with a little help from my mum. It’s hard but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you, Taylor. All the best in your career.
Taylor Harvey: My pleasure mate, any time thank you for your time.