The eighth episode of Bigger’s Better boxing TV show airs live on Eurosport on Friday, November 4, 2011 from Lisbon, Portugal.

In the course of an evening each tournament features eight heavyweight professional boxers (from 82kg to no limit) competing in a unique three-round match tournament and battling it out in a simple knock-out format (quarter-finals, semi-finals, final) with the winner taking up to 15.000$ in prize money.

Bigger’s Better fights are spectacular and more intense as boxers look for the telling KO that will take them through to the next round without sapping their energy. There are no weight categories in Bigger’s Better, meaning fighters from between 82kg (minimum weight) and 130kg could be pitted against each other. Is bigger always better? Tune in and find out!

Each tournament gathers eight boxers from eight different nationalities, coming from different disciplines (Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, etc…) but all fighting in Boxing with Bigger’s Better specific rules (three-round matches, extra round in case of draw).

Bigger’s Better 8 Lisbon, Portugal will decide the last finalist of the Bigger’s Better King that is held in Varazdin, Croatia on December 16.

8 Man Tournamant

Lucian Bot (Romania)
Fernandez Abigane (Portugal)
Tomasz Sarara (Poland)
Lukasz Zygmunt (Poland)
Andreas Sidon (Germany)
Nicolas Wamba (France)
Tamas Polster (Hungary)
Henriques Zowa (Holland)

Qualification Fight
David Ferro (Portugal) vs Fabiano Zuca (Brazil)

WKN Kickboxing World Championship / Super Lightweight
Milder de Oliveira (Angola) vs Mathieu Griozel (France)

To date the list of the Bigger’s Better King 2011 participants looks as the following

BB1 winner: Mairis Briedis (Latvia)
BB2 winner: Alexei Mazikin (Ukraine)
BB3 winner: Milen Paunov (Bulgaria)
BB4 winner: Ivica Bacurin (Croatia)
BB5 winner: Niko Falin (Germany)
BB6 winner: Konstantin Airich (Germany)
BB7 winner: Constantin Bejenaru (Romania)
BB8 winner: November 4, 2011 – Lisbon, Portugal