Australian Rob Powdrill is fighting Ashe Bowman of the United States at the Bragging Rights MMA event on January 21, 2012 in Perth, WA.

Rob Powdrill is one of the first string athletes from Down Under. An all-round fighter competes in all styles of combat sports.

“Obviously I am not an MMA wrestler, but anyway I feel confident fighting under any rules,” he says.

“I love fighting bare hands, which makes it easier to catch and hit harder, almost with a bare fist.”

The following bout Powdrill is going in happens on March 3. He is facing off the long-time foe Kim Olsen. The bout features on the main card at Domination 8 muaythai show in Perth, WA.

“After the MMA fight, I will be off to Thailand,”

“I won’t let Olsen to get back.”