Robert Powdrill shares his experience of travelling to France where he challenged for the WKN kickboxing world title.

Australian Rob Powdrill faced off a prominent French competitor Francis Tavares. The two headlined the Trophee de l’Ephebe event on Saturday, March 17, 2012 in Cap d’Agde. Prestigious WKN super middleweight world title was for grabs. It was all over in the second round. Local favorite claimed the knockout victory and was crowned as a new champion of the world.

How do you feel a week after your venture to France?
Rob Powdrill: I feel sweet, disappointed & annoyed. But motivated.

Tell us about your stay and impression on Cap d’Agde?
Rob Powdrill: Loved it! The place, the people! The food was great!

What have happened inside the boxing ring?
Rob Powdrill: I’m not sure what happened. I tapped gloves, threw a couple… Then it felt like gravity, was pulling my hands n feet to the ground. I’m going with jet legs.

There were talks about potential rematch with Tavares here in Australia?
Rob Powdrill: I hope so. I’d even be keen to go back for another crack.

Tell us about your next MMA fight in Perth, April 14?
Rob Powdrill: Yeah boy, I’ll be fighting an undefeated Kiwi. Can’t win them all.

What do you think you need to change or upgrade in your fighting style?
Rob Powdrill: I’m pretty happy with how I bang, so no changes. Just upgrades, I’m always keen to learn new things¬†to throw in the mix.

What is the next for Rob Powdrill? What’s happening these days?
Rob Powdrill: Don’t know. All around training. Ready for MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing anytime!

Thank you and all the best.
Rob Powdrill: Cheers.


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