Clint Howson aka Quickdraw Shares His Story

Former three-time Australian national champion in Muay Thai Clint Howson shares his story.

Over the years of his active fighting career Clint Howson collected 26 wins out of 49 bouts. 13 times he has faced the defeat. 10 of the bouts he fought went into a unanimous draw.

Howson started training in 1999 and the same year had his first bout. He fought out of Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym, under the patronage of Darren Curovic.

“I started training simply because Muay Thai was getting pretty big in Australia,” he says.

“I was watching it on Fox Sports and thought I’d love to try it out. So went to a local gym and the rest is history…”

“I represented Australia twice at World amateur muay thai championships in Thailand, in 2004 and 2006, which I’m proud of.”

“In Australia my biggest achievement is defeating Chris White for Australian lightweight title.”

“Chris is one of the best fighters of that weight in our country ever. And he was the World Champion at the time.”

“So it was an honor to get the win,” he concludes.

“Now I just work full time and have retired from muay thai competition but still help train boys.”

“It’s good to work with the next generation of fighters and I get a lot out of it. We have many current and upcoming champions at the gym and there all a pleasure to work with.”

“I have a partner Jess that supports all that I do.”

“My plans for the future are to continue to train muay thai and help others and live a long life.”

Clint Howson earned the title belts of WMC and IPMTO Australian lightweight champion, IPMTO Australian featherweight champion, WMC Western Australia State super featherweight champion and IMTF Western Australia State junior middleweight champion.