Badr Hari Big Difference

That chapter was finished and then it was time for something completely new.

There won’t be no news no more re- publishing about Badr Hari ending his kickboxing career, having his retirement fight versus Gokhan Saki who he KO’d in round 1, training in USA starting his boxing career and finally that he is back to kickboxing, preparing in Mike’s Gym in Netherlands for the K-1 Spain tournament on May 27 where he will fight Anderson Silva.

So basically on example of two videos we can see the big difference Before and After – Badr Hari’s deeds and achievements during these years.

There won’t be anything new I suppose, thought I just popped on this 2003 video. So watch the footage below.

Pretty much at the end of the first video the commentator pronounces the follow “Might be a heavyweight of the future.”

Of course there is nothing against Alexei, he is a great guy and all Belarus, myself and people World wide were hoping & expecting to see him back winning.

But yeah it just happened that these two videos purely show how Hari has been progressing. The way he physically grew up, developed his fighting skills and gain experience and his ‘Bad Boy’ image. Of course there are plenty of fighters who went through all this, however Badr Hari is most noticeable super heavyweight these days.

By the way after this fight in 2010 Hari fought 3 times. The bout against Hesdy Gerges was counted as a loos, due to that just mentioned Bad Boy style, Hari was winning in that fight… until SNAPP !

Then he had a break during a year and returned in 2011 winning 2 fights by KO against Gregory Tony & Gökhan Saki.

Let’s see what happens now in Spain in a K-1 rules bout against Anderson Silva.

2003 It’s Showtime

2010 K-1 WGP Yokohama