On Wednesday July 25 muaythai kickboxer Alex James earns a victory over Shane Quinn in a professional boxing bout at the Danny Green vs Danny Santiago undercard in Perth, Australia.

Alex James defeats Shane Quinn via split decision: 37-38, 38-36, 38-36

Round 1 – James took few hits to get settled in the first round. Worked the jab and footwork was brilliant… Shane Quinn came out unsettled and was looking for an easy beat not knowing who he was up against. However he threw some hard hits.

Round 2 – James came out fired up, worked out of his guard well and send Quinn down to the canvas twice – a good 8 count and the second one not long after. After that Quinn just was defensive and didn’t quite attack.

Round 3 – James came out strong looking for a finish. Quinn became on the back foot late in the round. Stayed in the clinch.

Round 4 – Quinn came out hard looking for the win. Gain some points back. Both taking heavy hits in the middle of the round. At the end of the round both looked tired.

Decision time – After a bit of controversy – the announcer first tells the crowd Shane Quin has won and realized he made a mistake after the booing started – the winner by points Alex James.