It was previously announced that on Saturday March 9 on the Gold Coast, Australia Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett is challenging for the 10th world title against Dzianis Hancharonak from Belarus.

However this fight won’t happen.

We have received an email from where the editors pointed that a Belarusian user have commented that the information about Corbett – Hancharonak fight is not reflecting the reality.

In Australian media such as where information was originally published, and then delivered by Kazuma Terya world wide, it says that the fight is confirmed, so everything seemed normal at this part of the World.

The easiest way to figure it all out was to contact Belarusian side directly and speak to them.

Five minutes ago Dmitri Pyasetsky, trainer of Dzianis Hancharonak, explained the situation during the phone talk.

“Yes, we have received a request for this fight. We are interested, he said.

“But since two months Dzianis is already confirmed to fight in Las Vegas on March 22, so he is not going to face Nathan.”

“Hopefully in future,” he concluded.