WKN world office revealed this morning that Klaus Hagemann is appointed as an official representative in Germany.

Hagemann started martial arts in 1983 at gym Kwan Kung Fu and Kick Boxing followed by Thaiboxing and Nin Jitsu. His career of the trainer started in 1985 at Kwan Gym in Hamburg along with Sochin Trabemunder and GFC Rostock.

By 1987 he refereed for around 10K fights along with being a member of Hamburg promoter team putting together around 50 events.

In 1994 he was a member and Vice-president of IPTA and in 2003 he started working with the WKN as the main referee and official in Germany.

2011 brought Klaus Hagemann to the best TV rated boxing show in Europe – BIGGER’S BETTER where he is one of the officials and referees on the night working shoulder to shoulder with Steve Smoger.