Don Turner Makes Seminar Ahead of Bigger’s Better Show

On Thursday March 7 Don Turner is making a boxing training seminar in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Don Turner is recognized as one of the best heavyweight boxing trainers in the world. His seminar is held the day before the episode 20 of the Bigger’s Better boxing TV show live on Eurosport.

Turner who has been in boxing for more than 50 years and was elected as the trainer of the year in 1996 (Boxing writers association of America).

Turner has trained more than 19 world champions, the most famous being Evander Holyfield with Turner in his corner for the 2 wins over Mike Tyson, as well as Larry Holmes, Aaron Pryor, Mike Mc Callum, Michael Grant , Henry Akinwande or Chris Tiozzo and many others.

Don Turner appeared at the debut of the Bigger’s Better series on May 7, 2010 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The day marked his 71st birth that he celebrated live on air by Eurosport.