Mark Pease and Hannah Taufan represented Australia at the WKN kickboxing international event on Saturday, June 22, 2013 in Paris, France.

Mark Pease is a trainer of Hannah Taufan at Strikeforce Gym in Brisbane, Queensland. The second went up against Fadma Basrir in the amateur kickboxing match.

“I got back yesterday [Friday June 28, 2013] from the trip,” says Pease.

“I would like to thank Parviz [Iskenderov] and the WKN very much for giving us the chance to fight in France.”

“With out you helping from start to finish, this trip would have failed as neither Hannah or myself speak French, so it was great to have you help out in this way.”

“Your work in the sport seems to be a thankless task, but we thank you a lot.”

“Promoter of the show [Farid] is a man of great honour and from what I see is very passionate about the sport.”

“He had people drive us to where we wanted to go as well as have a meals with his team and family. This made us very much at ease with being away.”

“The promotion was fantastic! I would love to see more people of his nature in our sport so we can grow…”

“Thanks again to all.”

The Hannah Taufan vs Fadma Basrir bout went on distance. Local favorite earned a unanimous judges decision.