Australian Danial Mini T Williams is fighting Daiki Miyagi at Rise 94 event on Saturday, July 20, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan.

The Danial Mini T Williams vs Dayki Miyagi match is organized by the collaboration of the World Kickboxing Network and RISE.

The bout is set at 3×3 minute rounds at 56 kg weight class.

Dayki Miyagi is a well known personality in Japan. Not only because of his fighting career, but also for his appearance on the reality TV show “Terrace House” on Fuji TV network.

Miyagi has a large amount of fans and he is vastly followed by all national media. He is also recently featured on the April 2013 cover of the Fight & Life Magazine.

The released on April 5 “Terrace House” episode reports on Miyagi’s victory earning the RISE bantamweight title.

For his next challenge against Australian Danial Williams there is a special page on dedicated to encourage people to come and support their local favorite. In addition there is a prize of ¥94 Japanese Yen paid to every person who comes to support Miyagi.

Concerning to the actual fight business, it is evident that Daiki Miyagi is an experienced and strong athlete.

Williams fought last Saturday July 6 on the Gold Coast at the Caged Muay Thai event. There he stopped Aaron Leigh in Round 4. He is off to Tokyo next Thursday July 18.