Australian muaythai fighter Toby Smith talks to FIGHTMAG about his presense and an upcoming fight on August 31, 2013 in Perth, WA.

Toby “The Weapon” Smith is a two-time world champion in muaythai. He is fighting out of the Thai Boxing Pit gym. In the next challenge Smith is facing off Petchtanong Banchamek Thailand. The second represents a famous camp of Buakaw Banchamek. He is also known for Australian fight fans for his bouts against Taylor Harvey and Matt King.

Smith and Petchtanong were lined up to fight in April, however Smith was forced to pullout.

“I pulled out of that fight because I was still injured from the previous fight,” he says.

“I’ve seen Petchtanong fight a lot. He is a very skilled fighter.”

“I’m just gonna train hard for this fight and just get in there and do what I do.”

Living in Thailand, Smith is used to fight like real Thais, often. We are only four weeks away till the big fight in Perth, but Smith is booked for another clash this Friday, August 2.

“I’m fighting on Friday in Thailand, so I’m  focusing on this fight first.”

It’s been a year since Toby Smith fought on his home soil.

“Last time I fought in Perth was a year ago, so I’m very excited to fight in front of my home crowd again.”

Answering the question about the preference to compete in Australia or Thailand Smith says that he enjoys and doesn’t mind either. “I just want to fight,” he says.

Toby Smith has been training and living in Thailand for over two years now. There he gained respect from Thais. He indeed takes on their current elite, which was his main goal – to be recognized by the founders of the Art of Eight Limbs. His latest fight was against Nattakit Pran26 in Rajadamnern Stadium.

“Now I have a bigger name in Rajadamnern Stadium, but I would now like to start fighting in Lumpinee as well,”

“It will be a good experience to fight there.”

“But for the end of this year, I am going to be fighting back in Australia. I have got some big fights lined up.”