Nathan Carnage Corbett are Tyrone The King of the Ring Spong are fighting one another on October 12, 2013 in Chicago, IL, USA.

Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett is the undisputed best light-heavyweight in Australia and one of the top fighters in the world at this weight.

Fighting out of the Gold Coast, Australia, he is a ten-time world champion in Muay Thai.

His nickname is no accident. Corbett is a finish-fighter who is always looking to put his opponents away. He has a high knockout ratio, with more than three quarters of his wins coming inside the distance.

Corbett’s first steps into the martial arts were via karate in his younger years. While he is now a Muay Thai stylist, he does think that there are certain elements of his early karate training that have influenced his overall fighting style and his philosophy on approaching opponents.

“For example, I don’t have a defensive push-kick like a lot of Thai fighters do,” he says. “In karate, it’s all about what’s going to do the most damage. If the push-kick wasn’t going to do maximum damage, then I had no use for it”.

He is also noted for his excellent conditioning, his team having been early adopters of sport-science and cutting-edge training techniques. His peak fitness, fighting intelligence and high aggression are the ingredients which have made him a decorated world champion.

They don’t call Tyrone Spong the ‘King of the Ring’ for nothing.

He started his career as a middleweight and has steadily climbed through the weight categories over the years, winning numerous titles along the way. Among the belts that have been strapped around his waist are the WKN European middleweight title, the WPKL European middleweight title, the WFCA Thai Boxing cruiserweight title and the It’s Showtime World 95MAX championship.

Born in Suriname and raised in Amsterdam, Spong is one of the most naturally athletic kickboxers in the world and he is known for a fluid and very technical style. He has a devoted following, having knocked out more than forty fellow fighters in the ring. Despite his many achievements he is just 26 years old and is now entering his physical prime.

Spong currently resides in Florida and numbers UFC stars Alistair Overeem and Rashad Evans among his training partners. His 2010 fight with Overeem in the final Grand Prix staged by FEG-owned K-1 was a demonstration of his potential at heavyweight. Now he is committed exclusively to GLORY and is one of the many standout talents that form the organisation’s heaviest weight division.

In the fight that preceded his signing for GLORY, Spong stopped the renowned Peter Aerts to take his biggest win to date. Aerts is one of many eminent names to be found on the GLORY roster and there are also numerous rising stars like Spong. His toughest fights are yet to come.