Tyrone Spong vs Rafi Zouheir

Rafi Zoufeir vs Tyrone Spong

The World Kickboxing Network shares two photographs from the archive of Tyrone “The King of the Ring” Spong vs Rafi Zoufeir.

The images are accompanied by the 2004 report which is presented below.

Last Sunday, october 17th 2004 the second version of ‘The battle of Zaandam’ was organised by fighter and promotor Melvin Manhoef. After the big success of last years’ event (it was completely sold out), Melvin did a great job this year by arranging a very nice lineup.

The WKN muay thai program included nothing less then 5 A, 2 B, 5 C and 3 N-Class matches, and along with 3 Mixfight (Rings Holland rules) matches there was a real nice lineup.

The side entertainment was perfectly arranged by Melvin and his team, with a great show by dutch Hiphop act K-Liber, a beautiful tribute to Ernesto Hoost who was entitled to be dutch ambassador of Martial Arts by Lucien Carbin and a very emotional tribute to boxer Nordin Ben Sallah, who died some weeks ago after a shooting incident. In a very emotional ceremony, Nordin’s personal trainer, Michel van Halderen presented Nordin boxing gloves to Nordin’s wife and 3 year old son.

MT A-Class: Rafi Zouheir (Pro Sitan Gym) ­vs Tyrone Spong (FF Carbin)

Spong starts this fight in a very relaxed posture, but when he attacks he seems to explode. This man showed a superior power in his kicking techniques, which clearly affected Zouheir’s fighting.

Even though Spong gets warned by the referee a few times for holding the opponents leg and kicking the other leg, Zouheir couldn’t do anything to stop Spong. Spong kept attacking with tremendously hard lowkicks, which caused Zouheir to give up in the third round because he hardly was able to walk anymore. Spong winner by TKO (towel).