Osman Yigin talks to FIGHTMAG ahead of his final 200 fight on Sunday, November 24, 2013 in Charleroi, Belgium.

Osman Yigin, 42, is a former 16-time world champion and 29-time champion of Europe. Turkey-born muaythai kickboxer is residing in Belgium. He is fighting out his own Osman Gym.

In February Yigin scored the first round knockout victory over Christian Lucia of Italy. In the upcoming contest next week “Legende de Box Thai” is facing off a former world champion Eliasz Jankowski of Poland. The two headline the Nuit des Titans fight show.

The fight against Jankowski is a final adventure for Yigin inside the ring. He aims to collect 200 bouts in total behind his belt. Ahead of the big day Yigin talks to FIGHTMAG sharing his story.

“When I was young I was timid. So at the age of 11 I started practicing Karate Kyokushin,” he says.

“When heard about muaythai – I’ve found my way.”

“I won my first title in France when I was 17. I defeated the 27-year-old Philippe Hugue and took European title.”

Osman Yigin gained his eminence by fighting across the world. He faced off the biggest names of the sport at the time and fought on some of the biggest events.

“I fought in all countries of Europe, in Thailand and Japan. I also fought on Reunion Island and Guadeloupe.”

“I remember those rough fights with famous French Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, Dutch Gilbert Ballantine, Thai Rolex and Japanese Kobayashi.”

“The most memorable for me is when I fought front of 85 thousands spectaculars at King’s birthday in Thailand.”

“I fought Saumsing Masuring who was the champion of Rajadamnern Stadium,”

“Ramon Dekkers, Luc Verheijen, Dany Bill, Guillaume Kerner… we all fought on the same event.”

In 1998 Yigin opened Osman Gym in Charleroi. His prominent “Built to Win” team includes such popular athletes as Allan Gozdzicki and Lello Perego. Yigin is also a promoter of the La Nuit Des Titans events.

“I promote La Nuit Des Titans during 15 years,”

“It is a well-known promotion in Belgium where all my team of Osman Gym and I fight.”

“We have very strong fighters such as Lello Perego, who is the WKN European Champion. He also fought many times on It’s Showtime and Golden Glory events.”

“Allan Gozdzicki is also European champion, Nordyne Saidane… And a lot of other top fighters.”

In addition Osman Yigin is the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) representative in Belgium and coordinator for Turkey.