Rob Powdrill and Parviz Iskenderov Fighting at Nemesis 8 Perth Fight Show
Rob Powdrill

Big news for my big friend Rob Powdrill. He is fighting for the world title. He is fighting in the main event.

Rob was previously lined up to fight Erik Massion of Germany. But he is now facing off Alain Sylvestre of Canada. The second reportedly lives and trains in Thailand. He is also seen as one of the “Wild Boars” contestants at Contender Asia show.

I was previously matched to fight Alex Job following our 2013 fight. He pulled out and the fight was cancelled last fight. I was told my new opponent is Gary Patterson from New South Wales. He seems to be competing throughout Australia. Among everyone he fought Bryan Harris and Alexi Petroulias.

Nemesis 8 Perth fight show is held on Saturday, April 12, 2014 at Kingsway Stadium, Madeley, WA.

The special guest on the show is Alistair Overeem. To date the fight card looks as the following:

Rob Powdrill (Australia) vs Alain Sylvestre (Canada)

Mike Wiktora vs Sam Ballantyne

Parviz Iskenderov vs Gary Patterson

Gareth Smith vs Ben Worsfold

Pia Rosenkranz vs Lisa Yu

Mikal Bieber vs Geng Thiangthae

James Bertolami vs Blade Augey