The Peace Fighters at the UN HQ
The Peace Fighters initiative has been represented at the 25th UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva

WKN Directors Billy Murray of Northern Ireland and Carl Emery of Switzerland spoke about The Peace Fighters initiative at the 25th UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva. on Friday, March 7, 2014 in Geneva.

Murray and Emery launched the Peace Fighters initiative at the UNICEF HQ in Switzerland in 2008. The programme was officially launched in front of an impressive array of diplomats, senior politicians and international press.

The aim of The Peace Fighters is to fight for peace by promoting the ethos of Martial Arts to disadvantaged and underprivileged children. It brings together leading groups involved in martial arts and combat sports across Europe and organises inter-community meetings and international events including competitions, training, courses, trips and demonstrations.

Swiss born, Carl Emery and Belfast born Billy Murray, set up the Peace Fighters’ initiative. Carl and Billy are lifelong friends through their chosen sport Kickboxing and both have achieved the highest award, professional world championships.

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