Tyrone Spong Already Walking 40 Hours After Surgery

Tyrone Spong suffered a horrible leg injury last Saturday in Istanbul. He was flown back to states where the surgery was done.

The title videos states ‘┬áTyrone Superman??’ which might be the truth… watch

Description under video says the following:

‘To all my fans and supporters – I realize I have not been very active on social media for the past couple of months. I experienced two great tragedies in my family during my training camp.

I lost a great friend and former coach Tarik el Idrissie to an early death last month and my uncle in South America was brutally murdered just two weeks apart. These tragic losses hit my family very hard, and I channeled my emotion into the short time I had left to train for Istanbul, only to break my leg.

All the love and support from you pushed me through and motivates me to come back STRONGER!

I am a warrior in heart, mind and soul and I will be back soon. I will be posting more pics and videos like this one for you (shot 40 hours post-surgery)’


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