Former-world kickboxing champion from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Gary Hamilton talks to FIGHTMAG.

Gary Hamilton is fighting out of famed ProKick Gym. He is one of the protege of Billy Muray, who is a former 4-time world champion himself. In December Hamilton took on a current WKN champion Daniel Zahra of Malta.

“My last fight at KICKmas against Zahra¬†I lost. I could have performed a lot better that night and I realised that I’am a better full contact fighter than a K-1 fighter,” says Hamilton.

“Even though I had a bit of success in K-1.”

“I have fought every type of stand up fighting – muaythai, low kickboxing, full contact, professional boxing.”

“Everyone has been asking me from KICKmas am I going to fight on or am I going to retire.”

Gary Hamilton headlines the Silver Jubilee Fight Night on September 13 in Belfast.

“I’m going to fight on, I am not retiring just yet…” he says.

“I’m 34, I have been fighting for 20 years and still have a few more fights left.”

Parviz Iskenderov
Parviz Iskenderov is a Muay Thai fighter from Perth, Australia. He is a former National champion of Belarus, and also a finalist of IFMA European Cup. He is an editor and journalist at FIGHTMAG. Iskenderov is also the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) international coordinator for Australia.