Parviz Iskenderov Proudly Represents Cold Company
Left to right: Darren Curovic, Parviz Iskenderov, Clint Howson, Komkit Chanawong / Pic: Emanuel Rudnicki

Cold Company is a quality custom made sportswear and clothing made in France.

Some of the main characters of kickboxing industry from all around the world know and proudly wear the Cold Company clothing. The brand appears on numerous TV networks such as FOX Sports and Eurosport, just to name a couple.

Here are just a few examples and photos that recently stood out.

Last Friday in Spain Juanito Garcia hosted the weigh-in ceremony of MMA and kickboxing event wearing Cold Company shirt. Garcia is as much or as little but a former world kickboxing champion.

Former 16-time world champion and 29-time champion of Europe Osman Yigin proudly wears his custom made Cold Company shirt. No less Argentine star 4-time world champion Jorge “Acero” Cali who often appears in his own made-on-demand Cold Company shirt.

The president of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera appears live on Eurosport network wearing Cold Company shirt. Cabrera is one of the producers of the Bigger’s Better Boxing TV show.

Australian Danial “Mini T” Williams faced off Japanese star Daiki Miyagi in Tokyo wearing custom made Cold Company muaythai shorts. Another famed Australian fighter Robert Powdrill proudly posed in Cold Company shorts during the themed photo-shoot towards his WKN kickboxing world title challenge in France.

Myself, I feel privileged to say that Cold Company is the major supporter of FIGHTMAG. I am honored to represent Cold Company brand.

Visit Cold Company website and see for yourself the latest models that come from the country of good wine and high fashion.