Toby Smith Defeats John Wayne Parr
Toby Smith victorious over John Wayne Parr / Pic: W.L Fight Photography

Toby Smith defeats John Wayne Parr on June 21, 2014 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Toby Smith vs John Wayne Parr was scheduled for five rounds. The bout ended in the third. Smith earned the technical knockout victory.

The day after the bout Parr posted a photograph on Facebook with the following caption.

“Last night was a little bit of a nightmare. Round 3 Toby landed a perfect elbow to my eye.”

“Straight away the pain was out of this world and 7 hours later still just as intense.

“Straight after the fight went to Melbourne hospital to get checked out now it looks like am here 2 days.

“I have a fractured orbital bone and collapsed sinuses, plus my face is still leaking from the cuts. I was told now not allowed to fly for 2 weeks.”

“The kicker is now I have to get a operation to insert steel ring around orbital bone.”

“Some could call it a rough day at work.”

“Congrats to Toby on the win.”

Father of Toby Smith, Blair posted the following on his Facebook page:

“I would like to thank John Wayne Parr for the opportunity he gave us by fighting my son Toby Smith last night before he finally decides to hang up the gloves.”

“A true warrior that paved the way for Aussie muaythai. Have a speedy recovery mate.”