Robert Powdrill is an internationally renowned Australian super-middleweight muaythai fighter from Perth, WA.

Rob Powdrill recently defeated three toughest cruiser-weights: Gaz Rees, Charles August and Steve Behan. Is there anyone else who is tough enough to issue him a challenge?

Powdrill wakes up at 83kg. He easily makes 79kg to compete. Though, the fighters he has beaten up this year, were previously considered as Australia’s toughest at 86kg. Previously… before Powdrill took them down.

The whole division. Those who compete, know very well how much difference even 500 gram make, when the athlete has already dropped five-six kilos.

In those three hard challenges the WA’s hero Rob Powdrill KO’d Gaz Rees of ACT, took a decision over Charles August and TKO’d Steve Behan from South Australia. The only person who was able to take the win over Powdrill was Kim Louden of New South Wales. That was the third final fight in one night 8 man tournament

On the question would you like to fight Louden again Powdrill answers with “Yes please”.

Now the question is, if there is anybody in the country, nearby or far abroad to call Rob Powdrill out and issue him a challenge?

Robert Powdrill is training and fighting out of Mungkorn Mai gym under the patronage of Bill Seth. For promoters interesed to see Rob Powdrill on their shows, contact (+61) 0412 081 063.