Tyrone Spong The King of the Ring
Tyrone Spong

Tyrone Spong suffers a leg breakage in his April’s fight in Turkey. He is wanted and expected to be back in the ring very soon.

The title of this post, the quote, comes from Eminem’s ‘Lighters’ track of Bad Meets Evil album. Spong’s fight name is the King of the Ring. In 2013 Kickboxing planet has produced ‘Dream Chaser’ video clip on Tyrone. Now they also call him a ‘Superman’. All this matches and follows one another. Maybe a coincidence, but more looks like reality.

Tyrone Spong has already cemented his name in the world of kickboxing forever. However he is not going to stop.

On April, two weeks after his broken leg surgery, MMAHotSpot made an interview, with the credits at the end of it, saying Spong should be back to training in three-six months.

Spong, who was already walking only 40 hours after surgery, is in the gym since May, which was even less than a month.

To his fans and everyone, Tyrone says thank you. It is obvious he is striving his best to be back in action as soon as possible. He also receives a lot of support and energy coming from them, which is very important to know that you are not on your own in the situation he appeared.

I am not a fan of Tyrone, like I am not a fan of any fighter at all, simply because I have been fighting in the ring myself since I was nine. We all simply learn from each other and take examples from each other.

I know exactly what it is, a bad injury, which also stopped myself for a little while when I was fifteen, took me almost two years to recover, basically stopped when I was getting on the top. Many were surprised I got back in the ring and still fight now.

Tyrone, I know him as a fighter since around 2006-07 when he fought my team mate back in Belarus Dmitri Shakuta, I think it was only 80-82 kg fight.

What I am trying to say by this – is of course not to compare myself to Tyrone as his name as a heavyweight is massive. What I am saying is, regardless all the gossip and media stir like is he going to fight again, yes, no maybe, what if…

…as a human being, as a person, Tyrone Spong BELIEVES IN HIMSELF. He really does. He believes there is no any kind of borders for him and he can really do everything where impossible is nothing.

Believe is a very strong feeling, and this I know very well myself. The power of the will, believe and miracles.