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Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+
Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+
Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+
Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+
Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+
Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+
Stream Herring vs Stevenson live on ESPN+

Kickboxing: Fighting For The Kids

The answer on the question ‘what we are here for’ is very simple: to produce the next generation which should be better than us, e.g. more kind, more intelligent and of course healthier than we are.

Unfortunately there are many of those kids who are in need.


For the first time I’ve realised the kindness of kickboxing masters in 2005 when I was 17-years-old myself. That was when one of my best friends and teacher from back home Alexander Korzyuk accompanied Belarusian Chernobyl kids delegation to Ireland.

Among all health and recreation activities, they were kindly invited to visit the Waterford Kickboxing Association. Irish kids showed their international friendship and hospitality.

Three years later in 2008 my friends, the WKN Directors Billy Murray of Northern Ireland and Swiss-born Carl Emery have launched the Peace Fighters initiative.

In march both gentlemen were invited to the 25th United Nations Human Rights event in Geneva. There Murray introduced their idea of spreading the Peace in Northern Ireland in particular where the political situation between different confessions is quite complicated.

“What we try to do with different groups and different religions – is to bring them together in the peaceful environment,” said Murray.

“A model that we teach through sport is the truth, discipline and respect.”

“And if we can install this in the young children of today, and growing up they will not take the patch of crime.”

My personal involvement started in 2010 here in Australia.

The slogan for our Domination IV muaythai event was Fighting For The Kids, aiming to support Princess Margaret Hospital.

Darren Curovic, promoter of the show, came up with the great idea and ordered special shorts for competitors, with their names on the front and the slogan on the back, symbolizing the warriors who compete to support children.

The main event of the evening was the WKN world championship between Australian legend John Wayne Parr and Dmitri Valent from my native land Belarus.

I was a backbone coordinator and official WKN supervisor of the event.

Since then with the power of FIGHTMAG being an international media from Australia, I have been striving to support and spread the word for as many charity campaigns and people involved as possible, in Australia and Internationally.

One of the very first memorable initiatives was 5 for 5 saves Lives! donation for Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide launched by Leelee Odine in 2010.

The following year in November we supported the team that took part in the Big Walk for the Kids at PMH, raising the funds for children at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Last year we have highlighted the ‘Maya’s Hope’ volunteer campaign that strives to improve the life’s conditions of children in extreme need in Philippines and Ukraine.

Muay Thai and Charity event was held in New York in June 2013 as a fundraiser of awareness.

It was very touchy when Maya’s Hope team have mailed me, from USA to Australia, the ‘Thank You’ post cards singed by children showing their appreciation.

This year, our Fight Night Perth is aiming to promote – Peace and Respect – through Martial Arts following the One Punch, Can Kill campaign by Danny Green.

The actual idea of this post is to say thank you very much to those who aim to help the next generation on all levels, we all do what we can.

And as the conclusion is an open message for those with opportunities to help: Please do, because without out providing the support for children, there is simply no happy presence and healthy future.


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