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Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream
Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream
Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream
Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream
Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream
Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream
Watch Gallen vs Huni live stream

Nathan Carnage Corbett Tells Rare Facts

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What was Nathan Corbett’s the very first bout in the boxing-ring at all? When was his very first professional fight? What is behind his first World title win? When & Why did they start calling him ‘Carnage’?

We now have the answers.


“I started at 16-years-old part time with karate. In 2000 I stopped karate and only did muaythai,” says Corbett.

“I also had my first kickboxing fight when I was 16.” – Kickboxing, not muaythai? “Yup” – Result? “Knockout. Punches.”

Do you remember the name of opponent?
“No, but it would have been about 73kg.”

“Five years later in 2001 I fought first time for Australian title WKBF at 79kg. That was my 7th fight and the very first professional fight.”

– Opponent? “Steve Delyster from Sunshine Coast. His fight name was Skinny.”

“Tall, real tough guy.” – Result? “KO third round. Left body rip.”

The following year, in 2002 Nathan Corbett fought Steve Delyster again.

“Second time was by decision for WMC Australian title.”

In December 2003 Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett faced off Clifton Brown of Canada who stated the record of 38 fights.

The couple challenged for the WMC World title at 82kg division. That was the very first World Crown Nathan Carnage Corbett has won.

The fight was over at the third minute of the first round. Carnage produced the right overhead elbow that sent Brown into a deep knock-out.

We have asked Nathan to recall the feeling, of more than 10 years back, that he felt after it was all over.

“At that time almost speechless! Especially because it was a first round knock out,” he says.

“In some ways I thought ‘do I deserve this?’ as it was a quick win which didn’t test me?”

“It was December 2003 and by the end 2004 winning all of 7 professional fights with 5 KOs, I was like ‘yes now I am true champion’.”

So after that elbow in 2003 they have started calling you ‘Carnage’?
“No 2000, after just destroying everyone as a young buck, I guess?”

In 2006 in China, Nathan Carnage Corbett fought Clifton Brown again.

“He [Clifton Brown] wanted a rematch, so it worked well for the promoter.”

“It was 86kg WMC world title defense [Carnage beat Magomed Magomedov in 2005 taking the belt] and was an upper-cut KO win in the second round.”

Summary – Nathan Carnage Corbett Rare Facts Part 1:

a) 1996 – at the age of 16, Nathan Corbett had his very first bout under kickboxing rules, in the super-welterweight division, taking the KO win via punches combination.

b) 2000 – at the age of 20, the alias ‘Carnage’ glued to Nathan Corbett due to out-classing each and every of his opponents.

c) 2001 – at the age of 21, Nathan Carnage Corbett had his first professional bout and became a super-middleweight muaythai champion of Australia, taking the KO win in Round 3 via left body rip.

d) 2003 – at the age of 23, Nathan Carnage Corbett won his first World title in the light-heavyweight division, knocking his opponent out in Round 1 via right elbow.


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