Ram Intra Stadium in Bangkok is a new home for Muay Thai in Thailand.

Ram Intra replaces legendary Lumpinee Stadium that hosted the very first official muaythai bout on March 15, 1956.

58 Years Lumpinee Boxing Stadium was considered as the #1 stage to fight muaythai.

The last fights promoted at Lumpinee Stadium were held on 7 February this year.

The new stadium Ram Intra has 5K seating capacity and enough room for cultural exhibitions and events, along with having a Muay Thai training school and outlets selling sports equipment and souvenirs.

According to Governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand Mr Thawatchai Arunyik, the new stadium at Ram Intra is a modern designed enhanced facility that will create a better atmosphere and viewings for spectators of the bouts and attendants of any events.

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is an significant part of Muay Thai History in the Kingdom of Thailand that has helped promote the sport internationally.

Every muaythai-boxer in Thailand including Forangs knew: to be in elite – you must fight and win at Lumpinee.