Tihomor Mitev, WKN kickboxing champion of Europe out of Bulgaria travels to Tokyo, Japan to take on Kam Itabashi on September 28.

Mitev vs Itabashi headlines the eighth edition of the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) knockout connection: Europe – Japan.
Tihomir Mitev has made his debut in Japan last July when he fought Hikaru Machida. He is now invited again to challenge Kam Itabashi at Rebels Fight Night. Mitev is also booked to defend his WKN European crown in Hungary next November.

The challenge Mitev vs Itabashi will be the 8th edition of collaboration between the WKN World Office and Japanese kickboxing market since last year, when Australian Danial Mini T Williams fought Dyki Miyagi at Rise Fight Night.

Stephane Cabrera, the WKN World president and Mr Ito Takashi, the president of RISE, have made an outstanding agreement to manage the athletes from the Old-World, Japanese kickboxers and the representatives of South Pacific, throughout all Europe and Asia.

There have already been multiple occasions, on both parts of the World, of this international athletes management, along with the promotions of the W.K.N. kickboxing championships of the World in France and Poland, featuring Japanese fighters.

The video below features Tihomir Mitev in his debut performance and the commentary of his first opponent Machida and the next one Itabashi.