Muay Thai History: USA Versing Thailand

Don Wilson, known as ‘The Dragon’, is the first Western reigning kickboxing world champion from USA who has competed under professional muay thai rules taking on current champion Samart Prasanmitr of Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok in 1983.

According to SciFighting in their article How Don ‘The Dragon’ Brought Muaythai to American Kickboxing that challenge was unfair with the notorious unsportsmanlike behaviour coming from the promoters of the event. There were issues with the weight division making Wilson cut pounds on the day of the bout along with food, quantity of rounds and more.

As for the actual fight Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson vs Samart Prasanmitr, the Amercian lost the challenge.

However it was stated that he started to feel progressively stronger in the fifth round and was able to drop the Thai if there were two extra rounds there as it was previously contracted.

Though according to judges score card Wilson lost each and every round.

What catches eye, is that Don Wilson fought at Lumpinee Stadium under Full  Muay Thai Rules wearing Kickboxing Pants that are used for Full Contact style.

The featured video tells the story of Wilson’s next fight performance versing another Thai champion of Raja Stadium Fanta promoted in Hong Kong the following year. That fight also has some controversy in there.

During his complete career of a fighter, Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson has won 10 world title belts in 3 different weight classes under 5 sanctioning bodies on 4 different parts of the World. The Dragon is also the latest inductee into the prestigious Black Belt Magazine’s Hall of Fame.

These days Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson is a famous movie actor who has starred in over 30 cable TV and theatrical films.