Steve Smoger attends the Golf Outing organized by The American Association for the Improvement of Boxing, held on October 13, 2014 in Galloway, NJ, USA.

The Golf Outing event is held for a purpose of raising the funds to help the young generation stay the path and attain continued education and brighter future.

Steve Smoger is a solid figure of the highest level of boxing. He is recognized as the worlds best referee and known as the-boxers-best-friend.

Double-S Smoger has refereed up to 195 world championship bouts, along with being the head judge of the renowned Bigger’s Better series live on Eurosport.

Along with Steve Smoger, the VIP guest list for the event includes the names of boxing champions like Tim ‘Terrible’ Witherspoon (2x Heavyweight Champion), Mark Breland (Welterweight Champ & Gold Medalist), Jr. ‘Poison’ Jones (Bantam & Super Bantamweight Champ), Bert ‘Smokin’ Cooper (Former Heavyweight Champion) and Aaron ‘Superman’ Davis (Welterweight champion).

AAIB – The American Association for the Improvement of Boxing was established in 1969 by Rocky Marciano and Stephen Acunto.

For over 45 years the organization has worked tirelessly for medical safety and financial accountability within the ‘Sweet Science’.

Additionally, the AAIB is leading the way for inner city boxers to obtain continued education through its rigorous scholarship program.