We are just a couple of days away from two outstanding World kickboxing championship events promoted on the same day, Saturday October 4, in France and Slovakia.

Bruce Codron faces off Mirkko Moisar at World GBC Tour in Mazan. Pavol Garaj takes on Stefan Stankov at Simply The Best fight night in Poprad.

World Kickboxing Network is a major sanctioning body for all disciplines of kickboxing. Every month there is a number of amateur and professional kickboxing fight nights promoted throughout the world.

This morning we had a chance to speak with Stephane Canrera, the World Kickboxing Network president. He provided us with the additional information in concerns of the matchmaking and promotion of both shows.

WKN France: Codron vs Moisar – World GBC Tour

“Bruce Codron has made all his fight career under the WKN. He is considered as one of the best fighters in the world in the 70 kg division. Codron is a person that I personally appreciate for his fighting spirit and his kindness outside the ring. He is a good example of what a fighter should be. In Portugal, at one of our Bigger’s Better shows, Bruce has also received the WKN honorary ring in front of the legendary boxing trainer Don Turner,” Cabrera said.

“Mirrko Moisar is one of the best Eastern European fighters. You can have a look at his videos and see that he is very strong. He is fighting pro boxing and all kickboxing styles. He has an impressive record and will definitely come to France to give Estonia a real and the first world kickboxing champion. From what I know he has a big fan base there, so its possible that in future he will become our ambassador there.”

“All fights at GBC event are the top level. We are in charge of all international matchmaking. In general France has a great potential. TV gets involved more and more, and our sport is very popular there and attracts a lot of spectators and now also bigger sponsors, that help promoters.”

WKN Slovakia: Garaj vs Stankov – Fight Night ‘Simply The Best’

“These two fighters, Garaj and Stankov are the WKN champions. Garaj is a world champion, he has won his title Live on Eurosport. Stankov is an intercontinental champion. This fight has big a sense and will be the top one. They have different styles, but their level is similar, so I’m 100% sure that it will be a great championship of the World.”

“Both have a big experience on the amateur level, then they have gotten on at the top of the National level. Further both had their shots at the International level and have successfully proved that they are credible to become some of the best.”

“Stankov is coming form the Team York in Varna, and Garaj, is the one from kickboxing gym Poprad. They both have excellent trainers Stanislav Bachevanov and Lukas Body.”

“I know Lukas Body since a very long time as a trainer. He has been coming to our shows in Poland quite often. He then applied to promote one of the Bigger’s Better shows. The WKN World title for Pavol Garaj has been featured in the event. The show was outstanding, very well organised. It was a Live on Eurosport and a complete success.”

“We are also close friends with Lukas. For example when he has started this promotion, he didn’t know how to name it, so I gave him an idea to call it ‘Simply The Best’. That is what the WKN stands for all times.”

“There will also be a 4 man heavyweight tournament with the top Slovakian fighter Tomas Mozny, who most likely will join the WKN Top Team along side with Wamba and Bezus.”

The dust has barely settled after the United Kingdom’s world championship fight night ‘The Lords of the Ring’ in the capital of Northern Ireland, and we are already at the front of these two major events in Europe. In addition the next is October 18th Draguignan fight night with Tony Gregory of France and Dmitri Bezus of Ukraine in their World clash. The following World championship installment is in South American Argentina in December.

In Australia we are in the process of arranging the next WKN sanctioned fight night in Melbourne.