Buakaw has left the ring after the third round when the judges announced the draw and the forth extra round was meant to be applied in their second battle with Enriko Kehl at K-1 Pattaya last night.

The footage below shows the three rounds of fight action with the MC announcing that the extra round must be on.

The video, though, does not show Buakaw leaving the boxing ring, but it shows Enriko Kehl being called as a winner and awarded with the title belt.

The commentator behind the screen also makes a mention:

“We are missing one half of our main event. Buakaw Banchamek is not in the ring”

“After three rounds, I think most people were confident that it was Buakaw who deserved the victory.”

“The judges ruled it a draw. It was scheduled to go extra rounds.

“But Buakaw Banchamek nowhere to be found.”

Regardless what was Buakaw’s reason to leave the ring, it is an absolute disaster for K-1, since they have tried to rebuild the brand.

Additional fiasco at this event since Buakaw vanished. Andrei Kulebin, famous muaythai-boxer from Belarus lost to Lee Sung-hyun from Korea.

The decision was made after FOUR rounds of fighting, the way it is officially published: extension round decision.

There is no footage available online, neither any photographs can be found at this stage. FIGHTMAG will get in contact with Belarus team management to obtain the most verified information of what has actually happened.