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Steve Smoger: I Am Honored That WKN Has Chosen Me

Steve Smoger, the most famous boxing referee out of the United States, receives the WKN official kickboxing qualification.

The WKN world office released on Thursday that the “N.1 boxing referee in the world, Steve Smoger enters Kickboxing Planet on Friday November 14, 2016 in Liepaja, Latvia. He steps-in to be the third person in the ring at the debut episode of the “Girl Power” 8-woman kickboxing tournament”.


The World Kickboxing Network (WKN) is the major governing body for all disciplines of kickboxing. The WKN officially appoints Steve Smoger to referee kickboxing matches.

“Mr Smoger has been studying kickboxing since 2011 when we included the WKN championship bouts on the programme of the Bigger’s Better Boxing series,” says WKN president, Stephane Cabrera. “Mr Smoger is a trained kickboxing referee. He has recently obtained a 2-month course.”

Steve Smoger is content with the development of his prominent career.

“I’m honored that the WKN has chosen to qualify me as kickboxing referee,” he says.

“I’ve been in training at the Atlantic City Police Athletic League Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. I’m learning the art of being a kickboxing referee.”

“I’ve watched videos of several kickboxing matches and I’ve learned many movements from my friend and WKN kickboxing referee, Klaus Hagemann from Germany.”

“I feel very confident that I will be ready for Girl Power 1 in Liepaja, Latvia on November 14, 2014!”

“The partners in Bigger’s Better Boxing, Jean-Christophe Courreges, Stephane Cabrera and Jean-Philippe Lustyk and the entire WKN and Bigger’s Better Team are excellent sportsmen.”

“They bring their individual talents to Bigger’s Better Boxing and made it a tremendous success throughout Europe on Eurosport TV network.”

“I’m honored and proud to be the only American official on the WKN and Bigger’s Better Team.”

“I have officiated in more countries around the world than any other professional boxing official, thanks to the excellent WKN and Bigger’s Better Team.”

“I’m truly looking forward to my new venture in the kickboxing ring.”

“It’s new and exciting.”

“It’s a refreshing challenge that I’m ready to accept and I’ll be ready to go on November 14, Girl Power 1!”

Steve Smoger makes a debut as a kickboxing referee at the “Girl Power” Grand Prix on Friday, November 14 in Liapaja, Latvia. The event airs live on PPV.


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