Girl Power Tourney Support from Down-Under

Support video blog for the Bigger’s Better “Girl Power” 8-woman kickboxing tournament that airs live on Dailymotion Pay-Per-View this Friday November 14, 2014 in Liepaja, Latvia.

There was quite a bit of the advertising on this outstanding event throughout all our media. The “Girl Power” is the debut episode of our new project within the Bigger’s Better Boxing series.

Bigger’s Better Boxing Inc is an international promotion group powered by three famed gents: Jean-Christophe Courreges, Jean-Philippe Lustyk and Stephane Cabrera. Topping up the bill, the world’s best boxing referee Steve Smoger is in charge of the bouts. Moreover, Mr Smoger is now a qualified kickboxing referee. This Friday he makes his debut.

FIGHTMAG is an official partner of the “BB” since its very first episode in May 2010 live on Eurosport network. So far we have produced 27 shows throughout Europe. All televised live and exlusive by Eurosport.

I am running the BB’s online presence. So check out its website and follow us on Twitter @BiggersBetterBB. Don’t forget to hashtag #GirlPower. The show is going to be BIG!