Anna Tatjana Lie Wins Girl Power Kickboxing Tournament

Anna Tatjana Lie of Norway takes all Bigger’s Better Girl Power kickboxing tournament live on PPV on Friday, November 14, 2014 in Liepaja, Latvia.

Anna Tatjana Lie fought three fights in one night. In the opening round she faced off Pernille Schjonning of Denmark taking a unanimous points decision. In the semi-final she took on a local star Karina Jarjomenko. The fight ended prior the final bell advancing the guest from Norway to the final.

In the championship round Lie went head to head with the beauty from Slovakia, Ivana Miklasova. On the way to the final, the second scored the decision over Daorung Samrong of Thailand as well as KO’d Seda Duygu Aygun of Turkey.

Lie vs Miklasova went on distance. After three rounds of action, the decision from judges proclaimed Norway’s kickboxer as the winner of the contest. As a result Anna Tatjana Lie becomes the winner of all Girl Power tournament.

“I’ve worked really hard for this,’ Lie told this morning. “My comeback after 1,5 years away from the ring!”

“It was a new experience to go so many fights in such short time.”

“I think that was the hardest.”

“I didn’t know what to expect, its a tournament – anything could happen.”

“I just focused on one fight at the time.”

“I tried to keep calm and stick to my game, and it worked.”

“Two wins on unanimous decision and a KO in the semi finale. So I’m very happy with my performance that night.”

“Pernille from Denmark was my toughest opponent, she had powerful low-kicks and held a high tempo throughout the fight.”

“The most memorable moment was when the bell rang in the final round and I realized the belt was mine.”

In addition, the event is historic. Famed boxing referee from Atlantic City, NJ, USA, Steve Smoger made his debut as the referee in kickboxing.

Fight Results

1/4 Final
Seda Duygu Aygun (Turkey) wins on points vs Elna Nilsson (Sweden)
Ivana Miklasova (Slovakia) wins on points vs Daorung Samrong (Thailand)
Anna Tatjana Lie (Norway) wins on points vs Pernille Schjønning (Denmark)
Karina Jarjomenko (Latvia) wins on points vs Ratnadiptee Shimpi (India)

1/2 Final
Ivana Miklasova (Slovakia) wins by KO R2 vs Seda Duygu Aygun (Turkey)
Anna Tatjana Lie (Norway) wins by TKO R1 vs Karina Jarjomenko (Latvia)

Anna Tatjana Lie (Norway) wins on points vs Ivana Miklasova (Slovakia)