Farid Khider Sends Greetings to Australia

When some of the most successful people from across the world truly appreciate you, you realize that your living is not just an existence.

My famed friend out of France Farid Khider sent us a video message.

I have previously introduced Farid here on FIGHTMAG. He broke the news twice. The six time world champion in all stand-up fighting styles is a TV personality. In 2010 he took part in the reality show on TF1 network “La Ferme Célébrités en Afrique”. The following year he delivered the sensation by winning $1 million dollars in Las Vegas casino.

With over 200 fights behind his belt, Khider twice fought and defeated Jean-Charles Skarbowsky. In one of his latest bouts he took the challenge on a short notice facing off Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee.

These days Khider evolves his versatile career as a stand-up comedian. He performs at the One Round Show in the theaters of Paris.

In France, Farid Khider is as famous as Jerome Le Banner. Both combine an outstanding fight resume as well as the numerous appearance on the wide screen. They are equivalent to Australians John Wayne Parr and Nathan “Carnage” Corbett.

I met Farid Khider in 2005 back home in Minsk

He was a part of Team Europe that faced off Team Belarus at the WKN fight show live on Eurosport network. Farid is a unique fighter out of European squad who claimed the victory that night. He defeated Vasily Shish and became a new champion of Europe.

In addition, Farid traveled to my homeland Belarus with a long-time friend Bachir Baccour. The second is commonly known as Tunisiano. He is the most popular rapper out of all Francophonie. As a result I made two friends who are some of the leading characters in their fields of occupation.

Few years later we met again when I was in France. To date, since almost ten years, being on two different sides of the Planet, we still and always keep in touch. This is just another prove that our beloved sport of Muay Thai units people and Nations. I hope to see Farid here in Australia with one of the episodes of his show.

The featured video is a message from Farid Khider in a montage with some of his fighting drills, presence on TV and daily life. The clip is accompanied by the “12 Rounds” track by Tunisiano which is Khider’s ring entrance song.