World Kickboxing Network appoints Stefanos Konstantinidis as the WKN official representative in Greece.

On January 20 the WKN world office released that “starting on February 1, 2015 the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) will be officially represented in Greece by Mr Stefanos Konstantinidis.”

“Mr Stefanos Konstantinidis is now officially recognized as the WKN National Representative on the territory of Greece. All the WKN activities in Greece will now be operated and controlled by the WKN World Office under exclusive agreement with Mr Stefanos Konstantinidis.”

The major fighting sports media in Greece reports on the happening.

“The agreement closed last week after a clear and honest talk between the two sides. The major job of Mr. Konstantinidis is to develop WKN (World Kickboxing Network) in Greece.

“Mr. Stephane Cabrera as WKN world president with official statement said he is proud and happy that he found a person to represent officially the WKN in Greece , a country he was always fascinated about.”

“Mr. Cabrera is also president of IBA Europe and vice president of Bigger’s Better.”

The WKN gives an opportunity for Greek fighters to compete worldwide. Most of its shows are of the highest level that includes international TV coverage.

The first Greek fighter to compete under the WKN banner outside Greece is Arhyris Manekas. He travels to Germany to take on David Wachs on February 14. Super middleweight intercontinental championship headlines X’ITE Fight Show in Trittau.