Retired? Never!

Did Nathan Carnage Corbett Retired
Nathan Carnage Corbett

Retired?? Never!!! People often ask the question are you still fighting? When’s your next fight?

All valued questions. And for the fans that have supported me over all the years this is what I have to say about it…

The word retire to me is too negative for my liking.

So I ask you a question? Does a lion ever stop protecting his pride? Does a king ever lay down his sword?

I will never retire I only have different visions of where I want to be or go.

My vision right now isn’t me standing in the ring fighting for titles. But this doesn’t mean it won’t change and be this again.

However right now my vision is to teach inspire and motivate the world with all that I have achieved and learnt over the past 20 years of martial arts.

I feel that right now is for me to evolve into this space and give back to the next generation. Or just to give in general to all.

I still train everyday twice a day and will continue to do this until I can’t.

So if I do change my vision to fight competitively again, then I will be ready to rock. And if I don’t – I still will be ready to rock.

Either way I’m a winner.

So the answer is no. I’m not retired. I’m just constantly growing into my new visions.

To those out there who have stopped having visions! Start now!! Never retire just constantly evolve into another version of yourself.

Until death. You are not dead so don’t act like it! Get out there and live!

Stop talking about others!

Start talking about what your going to do! Then stop talking and do it…