World Kickboxing Network president Stephane Cabrera talks Simply The Best kickboxing series, goals and perspective.

Last November Stephane Cabrera launched a new series of world kickboxing shows Simply The Best on SFR Kombat Sport. Three episodes have been released so far. The debut was held in Belgium. The second edition aired from Argentina. The latest chapter was in Hungary this past weekend.

“Hungary was a perfectly mixed show with the first part being muaythai bouts, and the second kickboxing,” Cabrera says. “Gyorgy Rehak and his team have really produced the top level of the WKN standards in all aspects.”

“I have seen new fighters and some real talents. Hungary is a new country, so I shall use my energy and power to help them grow. They have a big potential. The actual event was organized in collaboration with the National Muay Thai Federation. We look forward to future events.”

“The audience was huge. The show aired live on National TV network Sport 1.”

Five more Simply The Best episodes scheduled for the rest of 2015.

“There are five more shows signed with Kombat Sport,” says WKN president. “Czech Republic next month, two in Argentina in June and September, Slovakia in October, and in November we are again in Belgium.”

“[SFR] Kombat Sport is a fast growing international TV channel. We are on the same page with their director Bruno Oppenheim. “We both use to establish a strong foundation, which is, in my opinion, is always done with the real partners-in-trust.”

“I believe that after 1 or 2 seasons, Simply The Best becomes one of the most prestigious shows in the world that discovers new talents under the WKN banner.”

“Every Simply The Best episode airs live on National TV networks.”

‘For example, in Argentina our shows are televised live by FOX Sports throughout Latin America. FOX Sports has been our partner for nearly 10 years.”

“We have built a mega star Jorge ‘Acero’ Cali, broadcasting all of the WKN shows live throughout the region. So in fact all of our champions there – are the stars.”

“This month, with Stefanos Konstantinidis, we promote The Battler in Athens. This show is the biggest in Greece. Star Channel and Kombat Sport televise the event.”

Simply The Best made in WKN

“I want to create a promoters network with a similar concept that is the WKN, that is based on the international fighters exchange.”

“At the moment there only few fighters that are really famous everywhere, you can see them, the same fighters, practically on all shows. So at the end, they are all the same shows… just the names that are changed.”

“We want to put other fighters on the light. There are plenty of excellent athletes in every country, and this is where the WKN has always been with the ‘talent discovery’ mission. This is like our duty to show the world the best fighters and help the sport in all countries grow internationally.”

“This is only one of many facts about the WKN, with our motto Simply The Best, that we promote every week, all around the world, for over twenty years.”

The World Kickboxing Network partnered with the Bigger’s Better Boxing TV show live on Eurosport network.

“We work with Eurosport basically from the day one.”

“With Jean-Christophe Courreges and Jean-Philippe Lustyk we have produced three seasons of Bigger’s Better,” says “BB” co-founder Stephane Cabrera.

“WKN kickboxing championship bouts featured on the programme.”

“In two weeks we are live on Eurosport again. We promote IBA boxing intercontinental championship in Germany.”

“We also look forward to develop the Girl Power tournaments world wide.”