Marianna Kalergi KO’s Facebook With Tempting Appearance

Marianna Kalergi poses in a bra
Marianna Kalergi at the weigh-in of "The Battle by WKN" fight show in Athenes, Greece / Pic: Sports Clicks

Marianna Kalergi is fighting Ashley Gilson at the Battle by WKN fight show on April 26, 2015 in Athens, Greece.

Diamond Lady out of Greece, Marianna Kalergi is facing off Ashley Gilson from Belgium. The second represents famed Osman Gym in Charleroi. Female fighters will challenge for the WKN featherweight international title.

The Kalergi vs Gilson bout features on the card at the Battle by WKN fight show.

In the headliner prominent Greek Antonis Tzoros is going up against K-1 veteran out of Belarus Alexey Ignashov. Super heavyweights will challenge for the WKN international belt. The programme includes a series of national rating and international matches.

Promoter of the event is Stefanos Konstantinidis. The president of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera attends the show.

The weigh-in ceremony was held yesterday. The photos of Marianna Kalergi posted on Facebook called out a significant interest across the world.