Stephane Cabrera Develops Kickboxing in Greece
Stephane Cabrera, WKN World president with Stefanos Konstantinidis, WKN Greece representative / Pic: Sports Click

The president of the World Kickboxing Network, Stephane Cabrera shares his opinion on The Battle by WKN fight show in Athens, as well as his vision on Greece as a solid unit of kickboxing world.

The Battle by WKN was held last weekend in Athens. Stephane Cabrera talks the event and also outlines several names and up-coming shows.

”It was a great show, organized by a very serious promoter, who is also our person-in-charge in Greece, Mr Stefanos Konstantinidis,” he says.

“I was personally there, like I always do, travel to the place to support the first event in a new country. Greece is now a part of the WKN Family.”

”Greece itself has a long history in all kinds of art, spirit and philosophy, and of course sport, which is a motherland of the Olympic Games.”

”I have been organizing as many possible international matches for Greek athletes, like we’ve seen Argyris Manekas fighting in Germany last February, for example, or Stefanos Konstantelopulos who will take part in the Simply The Best event in Czech Republic this May.”

”I believe this is a priority of the number one federation like the WKN, to find new talents and help them rise with the power of our promoters across the world.”

”We’ve given a chance to Mike Zambidis to become the WKN World champion in March last year. Zambidis lost against Batu Khasikov at the mega production Fight Nights that is run by our friend in Russia Kamil Gadzhiev.”

”Personally, I think, there have been many more notable fighters in the history of Greece, rather than Zambidis. Stan Longinidis, Paris Vasilikos and my favorite Toscas Petridis, who I’ve seen fighting Rob Kaman many years ago in Paris. I was really impressed how strong he was.”

Greek fighters compete around the world. Its athletes take on some of the biggest names and participate in the international gala.

”We also have Greece’s Alexi Petroulias fighting for the Intercontinental title in Australia this May, and of course our boxer Evgenios Lazaridis, who’s profile we’ve developed through our ‘Bigger’s Better’ shows live on Eurosport.”

”Particularly, promoter of The Battle Stefanos Konstantinidis is our official representative in Greece, who gave all his trust to the WKN. I am pleased to support him, giving him back all my best. This is the way we’ve been always working since more than twenty years.”

”At The Battle we’ve seen Alexey Ignashov fighting a very strong Greece’s kickboxer Antonis Tzoros.

“Honestly, for me Ignashov was one of the best talents for K-1, but at his rise he seemed to be not heavy enough and had a muaythai background. The rest is the story of his former management.”

“I’ve seen him fighting now, and I saw someone who still has the fire in his eyes. The passion for our sport and competition. He trained hard for this challenge with Tzoros, and was in a good shape. He performed a very tactical fight. I think that there was Ignashov, and there is a new Ignashov.”

“In regards of his future bouts, for example with Nicolas Wamba, it can be something really interesting to watch. It is a new generation versing old generation, two completely different styles. Wamba headlines Simply The Best in Czech this May. Then we will see what can be organized.”

Stephane Cabrera also reflects on the female kickboxing championship Kalergi vs Gilson. The international title bout featured on the main card at The Battle.

”The female challenge between Marianna Kalergi and Ashley Gilson was very close hard fight. Both are of the same high level, with a knockout power.

“Gilson was undefeated prior this fight. She has again shown a great potential, but seemed to not have either enough experience, or just that needed luck to end the fight in the second round. It is always harder to compete on the rival territory, than in your home town, of course.”

“Kalergi received two eight-counts in the first round, but with the courage and determination, she succeed to change her strategies, and step-by-step deliver the win through each of the following rounds.”

“There was a very emotional moment too – Marianna’s grand-mother was passing away.”

“At the press conference Marianna said that she would do all to take the win and dedicate it her memory.”

“I also think that the fight between Marianna Kalergi and the world champion Amel Dehby may be something quite interesting for any audience, and in France and in Greece.”