Lip Cut Photograph Goes Viral on Social Media


Emanuel Rudnicki shares a lip cut photograph he captured at Nemesis 10 fight show last Saturday in Perth, Australia.

“In all my time in this sport, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an injury like this one before.

“Tough fighter Mark Sarracino had his lip torn apart by an elbow. I don’t think he wanted to stop fighting but the doctor called it off.

This was taken last night at the Nemesis 10 Muay Thai show in Perth, Western Australia,” Rudnicki captioned on Facebook.

John Wayne Parr re-posted the photograph on his Instagram captioning the following:

“Fighter Mark Sarracino after his fight last night after getting caught with a elbow. #nasty”

Fighter Mark Sarracino after his fight last night after getting caught with a elbow. #nasty

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Well, this is enough in regards to the photograph itself and the ‘gossip’ in media around it. What I would like to post here is the following –

There have been a lot of comments from public throughout. There have been a lot of shocking comments, instead of the words of support and respect. Which I personally find quite disgusting.

What I had to say straight after the fight, you may have heard either at the venue, or on my Facebook page.

There are few more things I would like to say.

One, is that Mark is a fighter and wanted to keep going. He came to Perth with an idea to win. I’ve heard him myself trying to convince Dr Golden during almost a minute, saying he was fine and good to go. Similar to the fight between Andrei Kulebin and Sudsakorn few years back.

Two, is that we do Sport, and this is a fight sport, where people get hurt. This is the price that we pay. I was on the surgery table myself in 2002 after winning the fight, I know exactly what it’s like. Or take Tyrone Spong’s shin breakage in the fight versing Gokhan Saki in Turkey. This is why mentioned above certain comments I find disgusting. There are those who find it “funny” and make jokes out of it. Funny when somebody is actually injured, and this injury remains for life in a way or another. I find this disturbing, also because any of us, can end up on the other side of the boot. Those who fight in the ring know what I am saying, and also know that this Sport teaches loyalty & respect.

Finally, was it just a “lucky” elbow shot? No, because we have been training these uppercut elbows and preparing to challenge Mark, knowing he punches hard and goes forward. Was it an “unlucky” shot? Yes, it was unfortunate. Because one thing is to win a fight on points, KO or a TKO, where another thing is to know that you have actually caused a ‘damage’.

I’m sure Mark will heal quickly and will fight again soon.